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Terms & Conditions

FM Tours official office hours are Monday-Friday 08:30-16:30 Eastern Standard Time. Messages received after these hours are not valid until the next business day. Messages sent to us on Saturday for changes or cancellations for Sunday or Monday arrivals may not be acted on and may be subject to no-show or cancellation fees.

The rates listed in the FM Tours booking system and the rates on your confirmations are based on the current prices at the time of booking. USA products are in USD and Canadian products are in CAD and are payable in same currency as quoted.


Bedding type varies, and never includes rollaway. Bedding type (room types) are noted for each hotel and are included in room descriptions. Rooms are confirmed based on existing bedding. Baby cots are usually free and can be requested in advance. Your request should be for a ''crib''. In hotels where the cribs are not provided free, passengers must pay directly to the hotel for this extra service. Guests need to be aware that not all hotels offer full sized cribs but actually ‘pack and plays’ which will not accommodate or contain a child of 1-2 years.

If the hotel should lower their rates after your reservation has been confirmed, the price listed at time of your original confirmation will be billed. If for any reason the price is lowered and you cancel and re-book this reservation you will be billed the price from the original confirmation. If the rates increase and the reservation is canceled and rebooked the new higher rate at time of the new booking would be applicable.

The addition of Dynamic rates through chain providers and bedbank have increased the amount of inventory available as well as may pricing options and in most cases  much lower prices. We have identified Preferred Hotels as partners where we include Resort fee unless otherwise noted. Additionally, our choice to include dynamic rates with all our product is no longer a simple option. Many of our connection’s  partners do not include resort or cleaning fees, sometimes taxes and fees . Hotels & resorts with fees will be marked in the Overview section, or Important info tabs. An example would be *Resort Fee: direct payment at the hotel, or 1x DOUBLE Estimated total amount of taxes & fees for this booking: 25.00 US Dollar payable on arrival, or Car park Yes without charges.

If at any time taxes are changed between the time of your booking and the arrival date you will be billed the confirmed nightly rate and applicable taxes to the date of your passengers check in.
All rates listed are for FIT individual bookings. Groups of more than 10 passengers arriving at any single night at the same hotel are subject to group rates that could be higher than the FIT rates. Please do not book groups as individuals as they could be subject to cancellation, and/or your office being billed at a higher rate than on the FIT confirmation email. 

Family Plans are set by the hotel and are based on existing bedding in the room. FM Tours has no control over the age a hotel considers someone a child. If an invoice for an additional charges is sent to FM Tours by a hotel due to incorrect ages of a child or children, the agent will be responsible for these charges. At no time can the occupancy of a room exceed the maximum allowed just because 1 or more of the guests are considered a child.

If a hotel requested is not available, or denied even though rooms may show availability vs. on request, FM Tours will do all possible to confirm an alternative hotel. The rates for the alternative confirmed hotel will be sent with the confirmation. You will be responsible for the confirmed alternative hotel. If not needed, you need to cancel the alternative confirmed hotel within the applicable cancellation terms of the alternative hotel.
E-Mail confirmations are strictly a courtesy notification. It is the responsibility of the booking agent to review on-line the status of confirmed services. In the event that FM confirms an alternative hotel or a rate that is higher than the FIT rate – this information is again the responsibility of the booking agent to review and accept or to cancel. FM Tours is not responsible for booking agent not receiving e-mails. Booking agent can see detailed both of history of booking as well as “last breakdown” (last costing for services booked and confirmed by FM on behalf of agent). 

Emails sent with status of ‘Booked – pending reconfirmation’ should only be considered notification that FM has received your request. It should not be taken as a Confirmation.

It is the responsibility of the booking agent to check the accuracy of all FM Tours confirmations. Any errors must be reported to us immediately, or prior to the passenger’s departure from home. 

FM Tours confirms all activity on a booking. We will reconfirm all bookings, changes and cancellations. Booking agent is responsible for checking that our confirmation is received for all activity. No action on a file is valid without our return confirmation. FM Tours reserves the right to substitute hotels of equal or superior grade when necessary.
FM Tours system can provide vouchers for F.I.T. passengers, and your vouchers will also be accepted by the hotels provided they state:

''BOOKED AND PAYABLE THROUGH FM TOURS''. 237 North Crystal Lake Drive Orlando, FL 32803 Phone- 407-895-5634

AFTER HOURS CALL - For afterhours URGENT (emergency) issues, please call 407 975 5229.

This must be in a prominent place so hotels can locate this instruction easily. Vouchers must be issued for services only as confirmed by FM Tours. FM Tours will not be held responsible for problems incurred by passengers because of incorrect vouchers from client system.

Vouchers for Transfers, Tours, Attractions or Golf must be issued through the FM Tours system. Vouchers hand issued, or issued by Agency may not be accepted by vendor. FM Tours will not be responsible for services not provide due to no voucher or incorrectly issued voucher.
FM Tours will charge for cancellations based on the cancellation policy listed for each property: Cancellation time is counted from the time of notification by FM Tours to hotel (see office hours,) not the time that agent notifies FM Tours. The above policy is fully in effect and FM Tours is not required to re-advise cancellation policies in cancellation confirmations. If a paid booking is cancelled and there is a refund due, the amount will be used for future reservations and agent will receive a credit memo. FM Tours will hold the payment. If refund is to be made, all bank fees are at the agents cost.
No-shows are billed 100% of stay for an actual no-show. If FM is billed 100% agent will be billed 100%. If a client is delayed and does not check in on the date they are booked for, the hotel will consider it a no show and will cancel the rest of their reservation. Delays overnight must always be informed to FM Tours who will advise the hotel in order to avoid cancellation of reservation. We will without saying always try to work with the hotel in case of agent error – but the hotel would have last say in billing for number of nights in the event of a no-show.
Early check outs from hotel are 100% nonrefundable unless FM Tours is notified and FM Tours contacts hotel and hotel agrees to not bill FM for unused nights. If client contacts agent after check in, agent would need to send FM an email to and get an answer from FM with a reference number before agent tells clients that they will receive a refund.
While FM Tours will do everything in its power to resolve any issue with its product line, FM Tours needs to have the opportunity to correct any customer service issue while the guest is still on property, and in most cases, FM Tours’ relationship with the product provider is well established and together both entities can resolve most matters in a short period of time so that the guest can continue on their holiday with minimum interruption, or disappointment.
Therefore, your clients must report any inconsistency with their reservation (s), directly to FM Tours, AND to your office, while on property. FM Tours always has someone on duty to take EMERGENCY calls after hours (situations that cannot wait until normal office hours), Holidays and weekends. Failure to do so will result in no refunds or adjustments being made to the reservation with no exceptions.
FM Tours acts only as agent for the passenger in regard to travel. FM Tours does not manage or control or operate any hotel or any other supplier of services and therefore assumes no liability for injury, loss, damage, accident, delay or irregularity which may be caused by defect in any services or for any reason whatsoever, or through acts of default of any company or person engaged in carrying out the arrangements.
FM Tours will periodically issue addendums updating or correcting information of rates in this tariff. Addendums supersede previous information. Our published rates are subject to change during certain convention and special events periods.
** - Basic accommodation, facilities are small or non-existent.
*** - Middle range accommodation and facilities.
**** - Good standard of comfort and facilities.
***** - Highest standard of accommodation with good service standards.
½ - Indicates a hotel that is above average in its category
FM Tours will invoice all confirmed reservations 30 days prior to arrival, unless the reservations has some special terms that require earlier payment such as some vacation homes or special event dates etc.

All payments are due 7 days after invoicing and must be transferred to our bank. All reservations for U.S. hotels or services must be paid in US Dollars (USD). All reservations for Canadian hotels or services must be paid in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Payments in USD:                                 Payments in CAD:

IberiaBank                                                Scotia Bank - 

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